Autumn films that will give you that warm fuzzy feeling

autumn movies

As you might already know, we absolutely adore autumns. Autumns in New York, London, Vancouver, Paris, Copenhagen and just about anywhere. As the temperature falls and the nights get longer, our hearts only become warmer.

Autumn gives you this fuzzy feeling in the tummy that we can't quite explain but try to capture. If you don't know what we're talking about, too bad you might be emotionally dead.

But no need to panic. Try watching one of these films and you may know exactly what we're on about. Here are our top choices. It literally took forever to rank them because they take us back to when Friends were friends and Dawson's Creek was still running... except for one newer entry (salut to Mr. Anderson)

No. 1 — When Harry Met Sally

Classic. Look at it. It screams Autumn. It makes me want to grab a coffee, head to the park, skip on leaves, sit down on the bench and shop for a tweed coat and wool trousers on my phone.

No. 2 — Fantastic Mr. Fox

Wes Anderson. Stop-motion. Foxes. Set in harvest time. Need I say more?  

 No. 3 — An Autumn Afternoon

Old Japanese classic. It's our namesake and supposedly very well reviewed. We didn't learn about it until we saw it ranked #1 in Google for Autumn Afternoon. And now it’s our arch-nemesis. 

 No. 4 — Sleepy Hollow

Jeepers creepers. Don't forget the most important holiday in Autumn. How can we forget Headless Horseman, Depp and Ricci a.k.a. the Halloween royals for this occasion?

No. 5  You've Got Mail

The combination of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan is the main cause of a condition known as Butterflies in the Stomach. Some effective remedies to exacerbate the comfort are pumpkin spiced latte, salt baths and cosy dressing gowns. You don't have to look far for the last one. 

No. 6  Legends of the Fall 

Brad Pitt as a long-haired cowboy in Montana with Anthony Hopkins as his tough dad. Amazing touching score by James Horner. I already feel free as an unbridled wild horse romaing around the prairies of Montana.

No. 7  Good Will Hunting

The struggle is real. The best mentor award goes to the late Robin Williams. Can you remember the day when Matt Damon and Ben Affleck were nobodies on the Oscars stage? This film stood for the black sheep. Also set in MIT, Massachusetts which would be New England - the region with the most spectacular Autumn scenery. Show off. It is the best.

No. 8   Casper

Casper: Can I keep you?

Me: Melted.







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