Behind the scenes: Tips for organising your first shoot

behind the scenes

Autumn Afternoon AW18 Shoot Behind the ScenesThe first Autumn Afternoon shoot was done in July. And while it might seem odd time to reveal the details now, we hope it might prove useful for anyone else about to embark on the entrepreneurial journey.

We’ve put together a few notes that will complement the planning you’ve already done. Just a few itsy-bitsy bits that will make sure your shoot goes off without a hitch.

Hopefully, once we’re done, you’ll be fired up to turn your hard work into successfully represented images.

Autumn Afternoon AW18 Shoot Behind the Scenes

The Mood

Before you excitedly look through Instagram to commission anybody, we’d actually recommend setting the tone, feel, theme, message and even colours beforehand, defining exactly what you want your brand to convey. Save lots of examples.

As you already know, current marketing platforms are predominantly visual. The last thing you want is your images sending out signals that are not compatible with your brand or do not address the desired feelings.

Pinterest is a great tool for putting together mood boards of any purpose. Once you’ve downloaded the app and the pin button, it’s easy to save pictures to your folders by hovering over them and clicking on the red pin button.

With the curated mood boards, you’re able to share them with your crew, making communicating abstract branding points possible and clear.


Autumn Afternoon AW18 Shoot Behind the Scenes

The Professional

This may be the hardest part – finding the photographer. He or she dictates not only the all-so-very-crucial artistic value but is also the best person to source other professionals taking apart. 

After hours and hours of scrolling, you have found the perfect photographer. You believe in his or her keen eye for beauty. They already know the crew who can help delivery the various parts for the shoot according to the inspirations popping into their collective minds.

We’d very much trust the photographer’s recommendations for crew and location. If there’s a tested recipe for a harmonious concoction, go for it.

They could also be so helpful at saving you some valuable time on browsing through a sea of professionals when you can be building your site for instance.

Autumn Afternoon AW18 Shoot Behind the Scenes

On The Day

We promised not to get to the boring bits, however these came to mind. We almost missed these ourselves so we thought best to remind you.
  • You must use a stylist: It could be the first thing to come off the budget if you’re pressed for cash, thinking you might not need all the garments and accessories. Wrong. Everything goes into the aesthetic.
  • Model's experience: An experienced model will definitely help on being productive. Time is of the essence on the day. The more versatile and quick the model is, the more quality outcome in the images.
  • Back up model: As models all work on different rates, they can cancel if they get a better offer or bigger job. During the selection, remember to also book another option. Just always be courteous and keep agents updated.
  • Props: Studios or location homes are very expensive. Take the props into consideration such as chairs, plants, furniture, walls. They can be editorial features and schlepping things over to the shoot is never an ideal option.

We hope you discovered something useful for you. You can find links to our all-lady crew below and see their wonderful portfolio. They are all amazingly talented. We were very lucky to have them. Weren’t the images brilliant?



Photographer - Eva Schwank, nee Haftmann

Model Agency - Linden Staub

Model - Annabell 

Stylist - Nicola Burnage

Hair/Makeup - Natasha Buchanan

Location - Tearoom Studio








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