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brand inspiration

I’ve been thinking about creating Autumn Afternoon for years. It is born of an idea that all we really want is be comfortable and at peace both at home and in ourselves. But it was quite a long road to where we are today with the launch of our first dressing gown collections. Or maybe they’re housecoats - such controversy! What is it?

A little bit about me. I used to work in banking for a few years after university. It was excellent at teaching me about business, and how the world works, but it lacked the creativity I wanted - and a lot of it didn’t feel real. It was just digits on a screen. I wanted something more, tangible, something that I could build myself.

AUTUMN AFTERNOON - hazy lake on an autumn day
So I got out finance and moved onto the shop floor with stints at Burberry and Saint Laurent. In the evenings I took short evening courses on merchandising and just after that finished, I got a job at River Island.

I was now on the business-side of fashion, having done the sales.I stayed there for a few years, learnt a lot and moved to Ralph Lauren. Again, it was even more so a brilliant experience, and got me thinking seriously about creating my own brand.

It takes time to settle on what it would be, and over time dressing gowns seemed the ideal choice. I spend most of my days in a dressing gown and was always puzzled that women either had to choose between a simple towel-like one, or an expensive silk robe.

There was nothing for the woman that wanted accessible style and comfort. Something that was neither high-maintenance nor broke the bank. And that’s where Autumn Afternoon comes in (hopefully!).

Autumn Afternoon - maple sketch

We want our dressing gowns to be the go-to item of clothing at home, whether you choose to relax all day on the sofa, get on with your work or spend time with your loved ones.

Please browse around the site and let me know what you think, as we design exciting new styles! I'd love to hear your thoughts on what makes your perfect lounging companion and create more dreamy pieces.






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