Our favourite things to do in London at Christmas

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London is our home and it will always hold a special place in our hearts. During the holiday season, this is especially so.

It's Disney Land with fireworks over the castle. It’s puppies and kittens holding hands. It’s parties with champagne on tap serving caviar canapés. It’s almost indescribable and is certainly our happiest place on earth.

These are a few Christmassy things that we always do each year. Hope you will also charge your festive spirit high downing mulled wine and chomping through countless mince pies!

1. Visit the Christmas Lights

Be dazzled by London. They come in all shapes and brightness.

Find them at Oxford Street, Regent Street, Carnaby Street, Covent Garden, Bond Street and basically every street.

2. Go Ice Skating 

The atmosphere at outdoor rinks is so magical. And what's better than taking a pause from gliding through the crowds to point and laugh at all the drunk clumsy adults. 

3. Shop Foodie Treats at Fortnum & Mason

We recommend their teas, biscuits, chocolates, jams and wines to treat all your family over Christmas. What wouldn't we recommend?

Bonus find: Their Christmas decorations are also very on point.


4. Bauble Shopping at Department Stores

Liberty's offers your quirky selections while John Lewis has all the classics. Selfridge's and Harrod's offer some touristy options but don't take the whole shop home or your bank might call you to cancel Christmas.

5. Private Christmas Film with Fizz

One Aldwych, the West End hotel, not only does theatre packages but has a sweet cinema too. Over the festive period it shows classic Christmas films and new blockbusters along with fizz and a delicious three-course dinner at its restaurant Indigo for £58 per person. This screams treat yourself.

6. Christmas at Kew 

The botanical garden's annual night light show. Whenever we hear 'lights' at Christmas, we'll flock to see them.

7. Mince Pies from Gail's (x infinity)

It's not like we don't already visit Gail's daily for oat lattes (decaf for the zen). They actually do the best mince pies in town. Gail's running out of them at Crimbo is more worrisome than Brexit.

7. Mulled Wine vs Mulled Cider

Each year, we wonder which wins drink of Christmas (Eggnog, sorry you had no chance). We can never choose. Better continue the research this year, drink more and hope we can decide the winner once for all.


If you have any Christmas tips to share, let us know below!

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